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We provide Specific Need and customized Software Solutions.
When all the off-the-shelf solutions do not meet all your needs,
it’s time to consider a different approach – the Bespoke Approach.


BioChoice is an integrated android biometric solution that enables capturing and validating of user’s data by using verifiable indices such as fingerprint and NFC cards.

Biochoice is a robust yet simple solution that allows for seamless integration to third-party applications for report generation and data analysis to aid management decisions.

Biochoice has been carefully designed to be time-sensitive and a critical identity assurance solution which prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to:

  • ATMs’
  • Cellular phones
  • Smart cards
  • Desktop PCs
  • Workstations
  • Computer networks
Group 76
Group 42

Features of Biochoice

  • Simplified dashboard
  • Data Synching
  • Time Log
  • Comprehensive reporting module
  • Role Management
  • Network Connectivity (offline or online)

Secured with you in mind

We bring you simple solutions which are powerful enough to adapt with your growing business. We also ensure that your information and money are secure and safe – making us a superior choice.

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    Benefits of Biochoice

    • It Enhances administrative functions by providing access to user registration and assessment
    • BioChoice Provides real-time data synchronization from the biometric device to the available server for record purpose
    • It allows monitoring of user’s access to a facility per time thus enhancing security concerns in the event of unauthorized persons
    • Timestamp of all users sign in/out activities for record purposes
    • Generates reports in real time of users sign in/out activities
    • Integration of application to all Android devices
    • Ability to use NFC cards for access control
    • BioChoice works both offline and online

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